Symbolic Meaning of Color in Roses

Color Meaning
red The creative spirit of love. True love stronger than thorns.
True red is the lover's rose.
Amaranth red: long standing desire
Cardinal red: sublime desire
Carmine: deceitful desire (not true to color)
Fieryred: flames of passion.
yellow In Victorian times the rose meant jealousy. Maybe our thoughts have changed. Today it is given as a sign of friendship, sometimes as a sign of sympathy. It is the rose of familiar love and domestic happiness. The yellow rose of Texas is the only rose for me.
white Loyalty, penetrating and platonic love. Able to captivate secret thought, love stronger than death. In England there is a saying about the white rose referring to the sub rosa, death to him who under my secrecy betrays his oath. In Scotland when the white rose bloomed in autumn it was seen as a token of early marriage. The rose of confession, the bridal rose, the rose of servitude. Can be otherworldly.
pink Grace, gentility, elegance and refinement. The rose of sweet thoughts.
purple Purple adds enchantment. Can be transcendental. Possible need to proceed cautiously. The priests wear lavender during lent, a time of discretion. Purple can indicate opulence or majesty.
orange A warm color that says, I am proud of you.
blue Fantasy and impossibility. Hoping for a miracle and new possibilities. Many people have a quest or a fascination for blue roses. I have a book by Ibn al Awam, which was written in the twelfth century, translated into French by J. J. Clement entitled Le livre de l'agriculture. the book speaks of azure blue roses that were known to the orient. These blue roses were attained by placing a blue die into the bark of the roots. This process is explained in the book and has been proven to work by Joret, a very knowledgeable french scientist.
black The color of the crone, the wise lady of death. The promise that soon you will know something you did not know before. Some see it as a bad omen. Death of fixed thoughts or ideas. Signifies a rejuvenation on the horizon. May not be understood as a gift. Les fleurs du mal from which beauty springs. Sometimes a beautiful deep red rose will bloom from a blackened bud.

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