As of January 19, 2016

Anita Bohm-Krutzinna's BookI have added most of the photos from my last trip to Germany to Rosegathering.

My friend Anita Böhm-Krutzinna has published a new book: Unter den Rosen: Geheimnisse des Miniaturmalers Salomon Pinhas und des Hofgärtners Schwarzkopf zu Cassel. The first part of Unter den Rosen is written as a novella, describing the life of the miniature-painter Salomon Pinhas and the court-gardener Daniel August Schwarzkopf (1747 – 1817). Beginning in 1773, Schwarzkopf bred most of the new roses which arose before 1785 in Park Weissenstein (now known as Wilhelmshöhe). A plant list from the park at Aschaffenburg, led by a student of Schwarzkopf, mentions many of the roses in 1783. Varieties such as 'Aimable rouge' and 'Belle sans Flatterie' are included.

The second part of the book by Mrs. Krutzinna contains the catalogue and other rose lists as well as new insights, which she attained from years of research.

She also discovered a little surprise: the watercolous from Salomon Pinhas, which he made from the roses´s collection of Wilhelmshöhe, contain many hidden tiny portraits!

This is a must-read book for everybody who's interested in the history of roses and who can read or understand German!

As of March, 2015

The American Rose Society published an article I wrote on Ralf Berster's Rosenhang. I hope you enjoy it!

As of February 28, 2014

I realize I haven't updated this page for a while, even though there have been things going on. My photographs and articles have appeared in many publications. I have been growing a lot of new roses. I also went to Germany last summer, took hundreds of photographs and visited some spectacular gardens that I have been writing about. I want to thank all my friends who have let me know that they appreciate this site. The reason it is here is to share beautiful roses, so is makes it worthwhile when someone gets it. More soon.

As of May 1, 2010

A fabulous (as always) new article from Roch Rollin: De Rosariis Paesti; Roses of Paestum, Remontant or Not. Thank you, Roch!

As of March 10, 2009

Christine Meile BookSome German friends have produced a new book: Alte Rosen - alte Zeiten: Leben mit Rosen und ihrer Geschichte. It is quite an achievement, a definitive reference. It belongs in the library of any serious rosarian who understands the German language.

As of November 8, 2007
I just added 29 of Jean-Pierre Vibert's fabulous, newest roses to his photo galleries in English and in French. Thank you Roch for your editorial support!!! Thank you to Monsieur Vibert for allowing me to display these spectacular roses!!!

As of November 28, 2006
Some new information as well as a registration form for the 11th International Heritage Roses Conference in Chaalis, France, the 13th to 15th of June 2007. Attending this conference is a once in a lifetime opportunity that should not be missed!

As of February 28, 2006
New roses from Jean-Pierre Vibert

I have just added 15 of Jean-Pierre Vibert's newest roses to his photo galleries in English and in French. If you click on the roses in the photo galleries you will go to a page on each rose. These roses are wonderful and I would like to thank Mr. Vibert for allowing me to display them on this site! I would also like to thank Roch for his help on the pages.

Rosa Gallica is looking for translators of some of their articles into English. If you are interested in details please email me: They have also recently redone their web site and it looks fabulous.

As of September 10, 2005
An artist profile for Norman Track

Many of you are familiar with Norman's extraordinary photographs and have expressed an interest in knowing more about him. I am excited to announce that I have now added two sections as an artist profile. The first is a photo gallery, named Impressions showing a diverse array of his subject matter. The second is Insight, an essay on his inspiration. I think you will enjoy these sections and look forward to your feedback.

I have also added the following photogalleries to Rosegathering:

If you click on the images in the photogalleries you will go to a page on each rose. A sincere thank you to Norman Track and Roch Rollin for contibuting their photographs to these galleries!

As of July 27, 2005
The Roses of Jean-Pierre Vibert

Fabulous news! Mr. Vibert began sending me photos of his hybridizations along with some of his letters. His roses are enchantingly beautiful and I am very enthusiastic to share them with you. A photo gallery with almost fifty of his roses may now be viewed here at Rosegathering. The pages are also available in French. If you click on the photos of the roses you will be taken to a page on each rose. I have also included a profile on Mr. Vibert. A big thank you to Roch Rollin who helped me create and edit these pages.

I am also pleased to present the art of Michael Tupek here at Rosegathering.

As of March 29, 2005:
Goethe's garden house in Weimar

Goethes garden house I have added "A rose at Goethe's: Research on Rosa x francofurtana at Goethe's garden house in Weimar" by Dr. Clemens Alexander Wimmer. This is a lovely article from Dr. Wimmer, Honorary Secretary of the German Horticultural Library. The article first appeared in the Verein Deutscher Rosenfreund's Rosen Jahrbuch of 1996. Marita Protte and I translated it to English, and Marlea Graham did a wonderful job editing the article. Marlea's edited article, which was published in the Quarterly Rose Letter of the Heritage Roses Group May 2004, appears here with permission. Thank you Dr. Wimmer, Marita and Marlea!

I have also added two new pages on Hybrid Perpetuals. The first is "Hybrid Remontant Types" by Henry B. Ellwanger, 1882. I added some notes at the end of the page to compare Ellwanger's Hybrid Remontant types with those of Jules Gravereaux. The second is "The Hybrid Perpetuals" by Reverend J. H. Pemberton, 1908.

There are many new photographs throughout the site. Please explore. I am continuing to update more pages too.

As of March 1, 2005

Good News! Rosa Gallica will be publishing an English newsletter starting in spring 2005. The first issue will have the many interesting articles like "Bourbon Rose: Its introduction into France", "André Du Pont: Postal Worker and Great Amateur Rosarian", "Alexandre Hardy and the Luxembourg Palace Rose Gardens", "French Missionaries' Roses" and "The Onset of Rose Breeding in Lyon". They are updating their site ( to include material in English. For more information please click here in the meantime. I am the United States Correspondent. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me.

As of February, 2005

I am redesigning Rosegathering. The old pages have been taken down and new ones are going up as they are redesigned. At first there won't be a lot of pages, but that should change shortly. I welcome your feedback and want to know what you think. For now the articles that first appeared at Rosegathering are listed, but the links must be rebuilt as new pages are created.

If anyone is interested, my portfolio can be accessed here.

As of September 28, 2004

The rare Wilhelm Keller rose catalogues (in German) from 1828, 1829 and 1833 are now available for sale. I only published 100 copies. The title of the three catalogues is Verzeichniss und kurze Beschreibung der grossen Rosen-Sammlung des Kaufmanns Wilhelm Keller in Duisburg am Rhein 1828, 1829 und 1833.

As of December 14, 2003

Christiane Frost has created a wonderful online catalogue for Mr. Weingart's nursery. Mr. Weingart has a fabulous nursery in Bad Langensalza, Germany with many beautiful roses that aren't offered anywhere else. There is an assortment of very nice photographs and some of my photographs from this past summer have been included in the catalogue as well.

I have added some stamps from Malta, courtesy Timothy J. Tabone, to my page on Rose Stamps. I have also been working more on the Lost Beauties site.

As of October 9, 2003
Rose Stamps from Norway

rose stamps from Norway

I will be speaking on Lost Beauties at The Antique Rose Emporium in Independence, Texas at 10:00 AM Saturday, November 1.

I have added some new stamps to the stamp collection. Marianne in Sweden sent me some stamps from Norway and Roch sent me some from Canada. Thank you Marianne and Roch! I also tracked down some rose stamps from France that Bill Grant gave me and added them to the stamp page.

Norman Track has produced an E-book of a Taoist scripture that he obtained in Lijiang, Yunnan, China. Everlasting Flowers is a three CD set. The Chinese text for the Transcendent Scripture of the Great Grotto of Wenchang (contained in seven volumes, 492 pages), plus photographic images of Lijiang and Wild Irises of China are on the first CD. Recordings of the Dongjing (Taoist scripture) music played and chanted during this Wenchang ritual by the Dayan Ancient Music Association are on the second CD and by the Baihua Ancient Music Orchestra are on the third CD. This music was taped in Lijiang, Yunnan, China. Everlasting Flowers is, also, the title of a piece of the Dongjing music repetoire.

As of August 2003

I have added a list of the photographs I took in Europe this past summer. I have also added a page about my photography and equipment.

I am happy to make my photographs available for rose publications. My photographs have appeared in a number of publications. Recently my photographs appeared in the June, July and August edition of Mon Jardin et Ma Maison, a French magazine (in fact one of my photos was on the cover). The entire issue was devoted to roses and more of a book than a magazine.

Please email me if you would like to use any of my photos. In the past, I have given the ARS many of my slides for their library. I have also given many of my photos to Helpmefind and Everyrose.
By the way, my articles have also appeared in a number of publications. I am always happy to see that someone has referenced me. Several authors have contacted me to ask if they can reference me for books they are writing. That is always a pleasure.

I am not so happy when I see that someone has obviously read over my site, studied my material, and does not reference or acknowledge me in any way. This should make interesting material for some of you to read now. For one thing I would like to make a little note to that other web site, you know who you are. I tried to write that other site a few times a few years ago and didn't get a response (not one). I put up a link to that site and invited him to come take a look at mine. Well, he has found some of my material of use and should note that on the site. Meanwhile, you won't find a link to that Mr Knowitall's Site from my List of Favorites. Also to those guys (not gender specific) who wrote a few of those books...Some of them even proceeded after communicating with me and prompting me for information, which they then used. I think I put a lot of time into my research and photography. I think my friend Norman Track summed it up very well when he said, For me, the satisfaction is to have experienced something wonderful and then the dividend is sharing it with people who understand and appreciate. I appreciate the reciprocation that can happen with the web and other sites that have linked to me. I have tried to make every effort to reference my material so that you can find it first hand. Sometimes people think the web is just free information and they don't understand that someone has actually taken the time and energy to present material. Others know perfectly well how much time and energy is involved, and those are the ones that are more difficult to understand. People won't put information up on the web anymore if this goes on any further.

I've had some extraordinary experiences on the web, but thought that I should say something about the other things. I'd like to show you some stamps that I collected. The bad news is not intended for everyone.

Rose Stamps from the DDR
Click on the stamps to see a page with more stamps

I have also added two new books to the bookstore, Climbing Roses of the World by Charles Quest-Ritson and The Rose by Peter Harkness

As of July 25, 2003

I am back from Europe and had a fabulous time. I took many pictures and am working on several projects that you will be hearing about shortly. I would also like to pass on some information I just received from Clair Martin:

On Sunday, January 25, 2004 gardening enthusiasts from across the country will congregate at the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California to honor world renowned authors, photographers, and plant collectors Roger Phillips and Martyn Rix at the Great Rosarians of the World Annual Lecture Series.

Roger Phillips trained as a painter at Chelsea School of Art before taking up photography nearly thirty years ago. He has thirty books to his credit, which have sold over three and a half million copies worldwide. Martyn Rix is a botanist, plant collector, and gardener. He studied botany at Trinity College, Dublin, Cambridge, and the University of Zurich. He has written seventeen books and numerous scientific papers. Passionate about gardening and plants they collaborated on the Random House Books series Roses, Perennials Volume I and II, Herbs, Bulbs, Shrubs, and Trees and the six-part BBC TV production 'The Quest for the Rose.' They are currently producing a web site where literally thousands of Roger's photographs of roses can be viewed.

There will be a book signing and reception for the honorees following the program.

Tickets for the Great Rosarians of the World IV lecture are $25.00 for Huntington Members and $30.00 for non-members. Tickets must be ordered in advance and will go on sale 1 November. Payment may be made by check or credit card. Please make checks payable to The Huntington. To order tickets:

The Huntington Botanical Gardens, Attn. Clair Martin, 1151 Oxford Road, San Marino, California 91108 USA Phone 626.405.3507 Email

For information on hours, admission, special events, exhibits, and maps and directions go to the Huntington's web site

As of May 3, 2003

I am very happy to announce that Roch Rollin is now an editor for the new Roses-Canada society. Please link here for more information.

As of January 23, 2003

I am pleased to announce the addition of Einige Richtlinien für Remontantrosen. This article is a German translation of Pierre Lauwers' article on Hybrid Perpetuals. Raphaela did a wonderful job with the translation. Thank you, Raphaela!

As of October 21, 2002
'Roseraie de l'Haÿ' ©2002 Marieta Visagie

art of Marieta Visagie I have added some pages on l'Haÿ-les-Roses, Roseraie du Val-de-Marne with stunning photography by Norman S. Track from his new book Joséphine's Eden (awaiting publication). You will find general information as well as directions to the garden. A very special thank you (in alphabetical order) to Mr. Bobichon, Jean-Renaud Faliu, Pierre Lauwers, Roch Rollin, and (of course) Norman S. Track for their assistance with these pages.

As of September 27, 2002

I am extremely happy to present the art of Marieta Visagie. She designed the web pages herself. Marieta is a South African artist who is very talented.

As of September 10, 2002

Some great information on the Hybrid Perpetuals from Pierre Lauwers of Belgium. The French version was written as a lecture to be given in Ivan Louette's garden. I helped with its translation. Be sure to check out the photograph of 'Baron Girod de l'Ain' growing in a apple tree in Pierre's garden. The rose has attained a height of about ten feet (3 meters). I have also added some chromolithographs from Les Roses, Jamain et Forney 1873. Don't miss this one.

I also added a plate of 'Rose du Roi' from Jamain et Forney to La Quatre Saisons Lelieur

As of August 22, 2002

Some wonderful photographs of blue roses from Norman S. Track, B.Sc., Ph.D.

Dr. Track received his training in Biological Sciences (Purdue University) and Biochemistry (University of London). For twenty years, he pursued an active research and teaching career in medical sciences and developed a broad interest in photography and horticulture. In 1985, he decided to focus on photography and writing and was appointed Photographic Consultant to the Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Canada. For the past sixteen years, he has travelled extensively photographing and researching a wide range of botanical and ethnographic subjects. He has published four floral posters (Royal Botanical Gardens/Iris Violet Delight; 11th World Orchid Conference/Phalaenopsis Orchid; Royal Botanical Gardens/Maple Leaves; Wild Irises of Israel/Iris Loessicola) and articles on Canadian Tall-Bearded Iris Breeding, The Wild Irises of Japan, The Wild Irises of China and The Wild Irises of Israel.

Dr. Track's photographs are in private collections in Canada, USA, Britain, Japan, France, Germany, The Netherlands, and Switzerland.


Canada's Royal Garden (Penguin Books Canada, Toronto, ON; September, 1994)
Song of a Water Dragon (YMAA Publication Center, Boston, MA; February, 1996)
Daylilies (Hawkeye, Toronto, ON; February, 1997)
The Track Family Haggadah (Hawkeye, Toronto, ON; March, 1998)
Dr. Track is presently working on the following projects: (1) A Voice in the Ashes; (2) Joséphine's Eden; (3) April in Paris; (4) The Valley of Flowers - A Himalayan Paradise; (5) Searching for Eden; (6) India: Portraits and Reflections; (7) Wild Asian Irises; (8) A Corner of Heaven; (9) Sacred Places and People of India.

As of June 25, 2002

I am very pleased to bring you some fabulous paintings from a friend of mine, Diana Lynn. Be sure to check them out. I believe she is very talented.

Limberlost Books announces the forthcoming publication of the first volume of Bob Edberg's multi-volume work:
The Encyclopedia of Antique Roses. When complete, the Encyclopedia will document all old garden roses ever introduced. For information please go to the Limberlost Rose Books Web site

As of April 10, 2002

A new article on French Rose Colours by Roch Rollin. Thank you Roch! I also added some new information on 'Mme Abel Chatenay'. Thank you to Patrice Huet for the information.

As of June 17, 2001

I've added three photo galleries of roses in my garden:

I also rewrote my chapter on Hybrid Teas. A special thank you to Robert Edberg and Roch Rollin for their helpfulness.

I just received my issue of American Rose, the magazine of the American Rose Society, for July. The magazine features an edited version of an article I wrote on Chinas. There are many great photographs included. Check it out.

As of May 20, 2001

I am honored to bring you an article on Walter Scott, Lord Penzance and Roses by Roch Rollin. Roch's article is also offered in French. The Hybrid Sweet Briars are a great group of roses that should be used more in gardens. Good news... They are hardy in Zone 4. Many also thrive in Zone 10.

I have also added a chapter on the Hybrid Sweet Briars and their uses in the garden by Rose G. Kingsley, 1908. A French translation of Rose Kingsley's chapter is also available. Roch kindly translated the chapter and did a wonderful job.

Roch has given me some good comments and has pointed out some of my typos. I'll think you'll notice some improvements. Thank you Roch!

I've added a photo tour of some roses at the International Rosarium at Descanso Gardens. When I went there on Mother's Day, the gardens looked spectacular. I had to take photos and share them with you.

I've also added a section on The Symbolic Meaning of Number of Petals in Roses by J.E. Cirlot, from his A Dictionary of Symbols. Edouardo Cirlot was born in Barcelona in 1916. He became a leading protagonist and theoretician of a very vital group of painters and poets in Barcelona. J.E. Cirlot was led to a profound study of symbolism in all its aspects through his critical activity in Spain and his awareness of a 'symbolist ethos' in modern art. The book is out of print now, but makes interesting reading.
I've also added many new photos, as usual.

As of February 5, 2001

I've added a lot to Roses in Art. The Virtual Museum Tour of Roses in Art links to museums all over the world. The theme is roses. The quality of the images varies depending on the museum. Some have biographies of the artists, and sometimes you can send postcards. I am dedicating a wing of the Virtual Museum to my friend Michael Gillum, who has contributed many links to art by John William Waterhouse, Severin Roesin, Kay Nielsen, Godward, William Blake and Klimt. I also would like to express my fondest gratitude to everyone else who has contributed links. You can find these in somewhat of a chronological order in the museum.

I have also added:

Many new photos of Hybrid Teas that predate 1945 (The roses not the photographs)
A section on Roses of Unusual Colors
A section on Fabulous Tea Roses from the 1850's
Ellen Willmott's Rose gallica

Unfortunately many books that are important to rose research are difficult to come by. A good copy of The Genus Rosa can cost about $5000 these days, and you won't find it in your local library. My intention is to put a few of these pages up on the web. I can also recommend contacting Marion McKinsey, who has photocopied versions of the book available for purchase. She is also selling an original for $4000:

Marion McKinsey
c/o Stephanie Smith
330 N. 17th Street
Philomath, OR
contact for Stephanie Smith, Marion's daughter

The photocopied version allows users to read and enjoy Ellen Willmott without putting wear and tear on this rare treasure of a book.

Roses in Trees
Roses that Attract Butterflies
photos to Hybrid Musks
Ellen Willmott's Rosa rubrifolia, also known as Rosa glauca, has been added to my Species Roses

A section on Damask Roses including:

Ellen Willmott's Rosa damascena
Ellen Willmott's 'Hebe's Lip'
Thomas Rivers' Damask Roses
Thomas Rivers' Damask Perpetual Roses (why would anyone feel the need to put these pages up at another site (with no mention of Rosegathering) after I already did the work?))
A Tour of Redouté's Damask and Bifera Roses
Damasks, Damask Perpetuals and or Portlands in my Garden with photos, in the process of writing some descriptions

My grandfather, Gordon Greene Guiberson, created a Japanese Garden in Bel Air in the early 60's when I was born. His creativity and interest in gardening has been a strong source of my inspiration.

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