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class: Bourbon
breeding: Found Rose, 1980
photographed by Daphne Filiberti in her garden

Maggie has beautiful quartered blooms of magenta to a deep china red with healthy leathery green foliage. It seems like 'Maggie' is always in bloom. The China is evident in the rose's ancestry. One dry afternoon Maggie had a peppery smell. Early the next morning the rose's fragrance was like strong damask rose with raspberry. At times the rose's scent reminds me of Cardinal de Richelieu because it is resinous and somewhat like rose geranium, maybe even a delicious blend of balsam and rose. Funny how both Cardinal de Richelieu and Maggie have a tendency to arch and need support in my garden. (It is interesting to note that Cardinal de Richelieu is also suspected of having China blood.) Maggie was collected by Dr. William C. Welch of Texas A&M University. Beautiful American Rose Gardens features a picture of the rose in David Caton's garden. "Maggie' looks like it is about 10 feet comingling on a wall with Sombreuil.
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