La France

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La France

class: Hybrid Tea Rose
breeding: Guillot & fils, 1867
photographed by Daphne Filiberti in her garden

'La France' is reported to be the legendary first Hybrid Tea Rose, introduced by Guillot & fils in 1867. Jack Harkness pointed out that the parents of 'La France' are unknown, and this monumental rose happened by chance. The Guillot catalogue describes the rose: "Its long pointed buds, holding often more than 60 petals, mature into very large silvery white flowers, doubled with lilac pink." French stamps issued in 1999 incorporated a beautiful illustration of the rose (see Malcolm Manners' site). Captain Thomas wrote that the fragrance of 'La France' is "beautiful and most distinct". In my garden, the roses start out high-centered. As the roses open, they nod down gracefully. I have planted 'La France' with other soft-colored, early Hybrid Teas; as well as some fragrant, modern, pastel-colored Hybrid Teas (like 'Anna Pavlova', and 'Jardins de Bagatelle'). 'La France' looks wonderful in bouquets. My rose is about four feet high with moderate strength. I understand that the rose doesn't like rain and that blackspot can present a problem. In Southern California, 'La France' has noticeable improved health over Hybrid Perpetuals, as well as a good repeat bloom.

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