Roseraie de l'Haÿ
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blueprint of Roseraie
Plan of the Roseraie from Les Plus Belles Roses du XXe. Siecle, Charles Amat: Paris (1912)
(Numbers added later with creation of webpage)

The Gardens Include:
1. An Alley Dedicated to the History of the Rose  8. Foreign Roses
2. The Botanical Collection  9. Originally the Roses of Bagatelle
3. Oriental Roses 10. Madame Gravereaux's Rose Garden
4. The Gallica Rose Collection 11. The Ornamental Rose Garden
5. The Malmaison Roses 12. The Collection of Tea-Scented Roses
6. The Horticultural Collection 13. The Collection of Hedgerow Roses
7. New French Roses 14. The Collection of Burnet Roses

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Photographs ©2002 Norman S. Track from his book Joséphine's Eden