Commandant Beaurepaire

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Commandant Beaurepaire

class: Bourbon Rose
breeding: Moreau-Robert, 1874
photographed by Daphne Filiberti in her garden

Commandant Beaurepaire displays its blooms with style and panache. The cupped blooms are like abstract expressionism, a splattering of purples and lilacs which blend together on cream colored petals. These roses have been planted in my garden for at least five years. I have planted three closely together. They are somewhat upright but gracefully branch out, and look lush with their chartreuse colored leaves. The light green-yellow leaves are a perfect contrast for the warm hues of the petals. They have one main crop in the spring with a scattering of flowers afterward. They haven't required any special spraying, and are healthy. They are about seven feet high.
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